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Cur melius repellit mures quam mures occidere?


Cur melius repellit mures quam mures occidere?


Quomodo murem repellentes et insectum repellentes cum lento mus pads et blatta domorum laborant?

Cum ratiunculas viscosa tabulas et blatta domorum utens, ob altam vigilantiam in pestibus inhaerens ut mures et blattae, effectus earum solis utendi specimen esse non potest. Continua oppugnatio et excitatio virtutisful ultrasonic wave makes the pests in a state of high tension and anxiety, so they lose their usual vigilance, and even the capture rate is greatly increased. The sticky mouse board, cockroach house and other products are best used within the first or two weeks after using the mouse repellent and insect repellent.

Mus et insectum repellentes longum tempus usu multum potentia consumunt?

Revera, cum quibusdam aliis parvis instrumentis domesticis, potentia consumptio muris et insecti abhorrens valde humilis est. Pro ZT09037, est 3W (Watts), et adhibetur 24 horis die ac 30 diebus in mense.modo proxime. 2 degrees. ZT09042 is 8 (watts), used 24 hours a day, 30 days a month, and the power consumption is about 8 degrees.


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