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Electric CULEX Killers Fugite Trap Bug Zappers Tutus CULEX Lamp


Efficax Physica CULEX interfector: insecta et culicibus phototaxis, cimex zapper cimices, culicibus, muscis, tineis, culicibus et aliis volatilibus per Blu.e-ray light and kill them with a powerful Tutus summus voltage gridis.culicibus per corporalis via.

      1. Using ultraviolet light and photocatalytic reaction produced by photocatalyst, release carbon dioxide and air flow to simulate the carbon dioxide damp atmosphere emitted by human body. Attracts mosquitoes in any direction.

      2.  The fan highly stirs the surrounding air to form a vortex, so that mosquitoes used to fly with the wind and mosquitoes wind near the wind tunnel, will be strong vortex suction into the bottom of the mosquito disc.

      3. Once the mosquito is sucked into the trap grid, it is difficult to escape the strong vortex generated by the fan, which has been pressed into the bottom of the mosquito disc by the cyclone, making it dehydrated and air-dried to death.

      4. Standard USB charging cable is adopted for more convenient power supply, which can be connected to mobile phone charging head, laptop computer and mobile power supply.

Product Introduction:


    * The product used the mosquito favorite trap light to entice them into the product
* CULEX lucerna necem: 365 nm
* 360 Graduum Suctionis Fan munus, culicibus in fundum producti sugetur
* Facile interficias CULEX ab Air Siccatio Ratio
* Superficies curatio vacui electroplating pingere spargit
* USB auxilium virtutis, USB cable inclusa
* Purgato captionem ostium penicillo inclusa
* Mollis tactus switch: DE / ON
* Smart sensorem: Open operimentum movere diem / noctem sensorem
* aedificatum -in Fan: sugit moquitos in captionem ubi dehydrate
* Potentia input: 5V/1A
* Efficax area: 30-50sq.m
* Potestas consummatio: 3W
* Eco-amica et Physica Methodo



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